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10 February 2020



METAKOM SCW JSC is assignee of Steel casting works - Pleven. Since his founding in 1965 until now, its produce shaped castings by use of stationary sand moulding process. At the first time it has been producing carbonic steel only, but in the time the metal gamma was extended, so in last 16 years it is producing different types of cast iron.

Nowdays we can indicate follow materials,which we make:

Carbonic constructive steel - BDS 3492-86, DIN 1681;
Low-alloyed constructive steel - BDS 6550-86, DIN 17205;
High-alloyed steel - DIN 17445, EN 10283; EN 10213-2; with carbon content up 0,06%;
High-temperature steel: 1.4828; 1.4832; 1.4848; 1.4852 - DIN 17465;
Thermostable steel - adapted to DIN 17350.

Grey cast iron - BDS 1799-74, DIN 1691;
Ductile cast iron - BDS 6990-84, DIN 1693; DIN EN 1563;
Wear resistant cast iron - according to technical requirements;
Heat resistant cast iron - according to technical requirements.

About 60% of the production is for internal market and the other 40% is realized abroad, mainly in Germany, Austria, England and France and Czech Republic.

Number of personnel : 215
total area of the company: 105 000 sq.m
The company is able to cast parts from 5.00 kg up to 6 tons single weight.


Since 2001, "Metacom-SCW Invest" AD has been integrated and is working a Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000. In the beginning of each year a Quality policy shall be adopted. The abovementioned system has been recertified in 2013 under ISO 9001:2008 by Lloyd's Register.

Since January 2013 the range of the Quality Management System has been enlarged by the process of Processing, sorting and trading of steel and iron scrap. Since January 17th, 2013 the Company has been certified in compliance with the requirements of Council Regulation (EU) Nr. 333/2011 Art.6.


Since August 1st, 2008 has been implemented health and safety management system OHSAS 18001:2007 and in the beginning of each year shall be adopted policies for ensuring healthy and safe working conditions. The health and safety management system has been recertified in 2011 by Lloyd's Register

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